Friday, July 5, 2013

The annual migration on Calypso has begun.

According to the Imperial Exobiology Institute, the first confirmed observation of Eomon appeared today, July 5 at 08:21 Calypso time. Eomon have since been spotted near the following locations:

  • Nymphtown
  • Minopolis

The first confirmed observation of Longtooth was made today, July 5 at 10:46 Calypso time. Long tooth have since been spotted at the following locations:

  • Cape Corinth
  • Livas

Stronger than usual Exarosaur have been spotted in the following locations:

  • Port Atlantis

Calypso’s local government has decreed that the loot from one of these special Exarosaur shall be shared among all those who participate in the killing of said Exarosaur.  
Colonists in the path of the herd are warned: the Eomon is largely a peaceful and docile creature, but they are known to exhibit greater aggressiveness during migration. Although Eomon attacks are rare, the size and strength of the creature can make an encounter lethal. Also, dangerous predators are known to follow the migrating herds. 
The migration is predicted to be completed in the beginning of September.
All future official migration-related updates will be brought to you by the Entropia Broadcast Network.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Swimming to the Next Continent

I heard someone imply that the distance between the two continents is so large that swimming to the other continent is unfeasible. I decided to test that premise and so far it's panning out to be one heck of a journey.

At first I thought I would swim the entire way through, but I found out quickly that going past the archipelagos was not an option.

Small LV22 animals nipped at my heals every time I approached an island. Despite them being about 40-60 meters away on my map (outside of the first one or two circles on my radar) they came at me and took my health below 20% as I would reach the shore and be safe.

I landed on the third island (pictured below) at Entropia Universe time: 2013-06-09 22:13:41 with a Session time of: 01:02:49.

After about a ten minute break, I decided to make my way to the next few islands.

Update: At Entropia Universe time: 2013-06-09 22:27:34

I ran into a Razorback Mature. I was so used to getting clipped for 17 health that I didn't expect the 80 damage I took as I tried to lure what I thought was a Razorback young away from my path between two islands.

I was fortunate to be taken to a revive terminal in the middle of an island west of where I died. It was a gift and a curse, because I was taken somewhat closer to my destination, but it also meant a forced trip either back or forth. Filled with resolve to continue on, I surveyed my next path.

Deciding to take a higher risk for shorter times now that the revive terminal spared me from being sent back to Camp Icarus, I went for the long island to the west, planning on cutting south afterward. The idea was quickly cut short when a Razorback Mature tore into me within seconds of leaving the island. Discouraged, I thought about swimming back (if that was even possible from this location *gulp*) or calling for help. (I'd run into two generous, helpful players who were on my friends list. I figured one might fly in on a plane and pick me up).

Update: Sorry, missed the time.

I decided to cut back south east and go the path I'd originally intended to follow. The distances were shorter and I might be able to manage to make it with only one hit. The matures wouldn't give me more than that.

I swam across and made it to one island before surveying a small strip between my location and the next destination. I was about to head to the small strip when I realized the red dots on the radar wouldn't let me make it past that strip. That small bit of insight led me to turn the map 90 degrees clockwise before heading the slightly longer distance to the next spot.

Update: Entropia Universe time: 2013-06-09 22:48:17

I made it to the next spot and decided to come update the blog on how far I'd gotten. I needed a break from having to make all those minor turns left and right between the Razorbacks. They always seemed to get more eager the closer they were to a coast.

Update: Entropia Universe time: 2013-06-10 03:26:01

Nearly five hours have passed, and it's time to part this god-forsaken rock.

The 38th Hour - My Denizenship on Planet Calypso - Problems Logging in Due to Population Limit Resolved.

I'm into my second day at Entropia. I guess I started playing around midnight yesterday, so this would be my 38th hour as denizen of the planet Calypso.

For a couple of hours I was unable to log into the Entropia Universe Client. I wrote the following post in the technical section of the Entropia Forum under Entropia Universe Info:

Login Failed. Population Limit Reached. Request for Movement


For the last hour or two, the Entropia Universe Client has prohibited my login, giving the following notice after each attempt:

"The area you have tried to enter has reached its population limit. Please try a different area."

The notice also presents the option to "Cancel" or "Continue" via two buttons labeled accordingly. Clicking cancel returns me to the login prompt where the above process repeats. Clicking continue produces a small animation in the bottom right of the prompt - but nothing progresses and only the cancel option is available.

My current location is the place on Calypso where newbies first spawn, Fort Icarus I believe.

Apparently an option to select another location or server existed previously, but no such option exists now. Also, Kim of Calypso simply moved the avatars of several players and that allowed them to login.

The option to move or the assistance of Kim or another Calypso moderator in moving/logging in would be much appreciated.


Dee dmxn2k King
Planet Calypso

That seems to have done the trick, as I was able to log in about ten minutes ago. I hope George Toker Daniels AKA chandlerz12345 was able to get the help he requested shortly after my post.

Dee dmxn2k King
Planet Calypso